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Produced by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Games, this installment in the Age of Empires series took the imaginative leap of including the creatures and gods of Classical mythology. Players can recruit fantastical creatures like Hydras, Minotaurs or the Cyclops to their forces, and by deifying the right Gods, you can encourage bonuses and perks for your buildings and armies. Like all Age of Empires games, there are nine civilizations to pick from, roughly grouped into Greek, Egyptian and Nordic cultures, each coming with their own Gods and monsters. Naturally, there's some Populous style Godly intervention on your side's behalf as well: magic mines, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, locust swarms, Ragnarok...that sort of thing. Titans cost as much as a Wonder in the game are a bit like the Krogoth mega-robot from Total Annihilation. Its a nice blend of everything: classic RTS with the fun and games of Populous, The Settlers and - of course! - Age of Empires all nicely blended together.

The Titans (2004)

This expansion pack adds the Atlanteans to the mix, some extra Titan units, a new single player campaign and the usual extra units, buildings and maps. There's a Gold Edition that bundles the original game and its expansion together.